Home Inspector in Troutman, NC and Mooresville, NC

In all of the excitement of finding your dream home in Troutman or a surrounding area, you may overlook glaring issues that could cost you hundreds of dollars in the future. Don’t rush into buying a home without a home inspection. Reach out to At Ease Home Inspection Services, LLC to let me inspect your home first.

My home inspections include a top to bottom examination. I’ll check all structures and systems and send you a comprehensive, detailed report once I’m done with photos included. Avoid issues down the road by scheduling a pre-drywall inspection or new construction inspection. I can work with buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.

I encourage you to attend the inspection to learn more about the home you’re about to purchase. If you need a termite inspection, I can schedule an appointment with a trusted partner. Contact me now to get the full picture of a property you’re considering making your home in the Lake Norman Area.


Photo of house
Newly constructed properties aren’t immune to structural mistakes. Fortunately, you can depend on me to check out your home before you move in. I offer three types of new construction inspections, including:

Pre-drywall inspections:

I’ll look for any issues that could cause problems in the home in the future, such as leaks, structural issues or cracks.

Final construction inspection:

After the construction is complete, I’ll perform a final inspection of the water system, electrical system and appliances to ensure everything is sound and operational.

One Year Warranty Inspections:

I offer a one-year warranty on new home inspections to give builders and homeowners peace of mind.


Stay informed about your home’s current condition. I’ll visit your property ever year to reinspect your home. My goal is to catch smaller issues before they get worse.

Hire me today to ensure the safety of your new construction project in Troutman and Mooresville, NC and surrounding areas.