A - Accurate Reports:

We are committed to providing you with an accurate report about your home.
Our reports describe the issue as well as the implications if a recommended repair is not completed. This helps you prioritize any issues. Let's face it, an accurate report is exactly what you should expect. With AT EASE, you can rest assured that your report will provide an accurate assessment of your home.

T - Technical Advantage:

We utilize state of the art technology in your home assessment. If there is a piece of technology or test equipment that can make our inspection process more thorough, we have it. We use the Inspect It software platform, thermal laser thermometers, gas detectors, moisture detectors, and photographic equipment. Our technology helps us identify issues that others may overlook.

E - Extraordinary and Professional Service:

From your initial phone call, text or email, you will be greeted with reliable and prompt service. We commit to being on time to scheduled inspections, and you can expect to have your report within one business day of the inspection. You can count on us.

A - Accredited:

We are fully licensed and insured... each year we complete between 12 to 20 hours of continuing education credits as directed by the North Carolina Home Inspection Licensing Board. These requirements are outlined in the HOME INSPECTOR LICENSURE ACT - N.C. GENERAL STATUTES CHAPTER 143, ARTICLE 9F.

S - Systematic Approach:

By using industry leading software and processes, our reports are comprehensive and meet or exceed the requirements of the North Carolina Standards of Practice for licensed home inspectors. Our systems and processes help ensure a thorough assessment as well as easy to understand reports. You will have peace of mind knowing we provide this each and every time.

E- Exceptional Value:

We provide all our services at an exceptional value and focus on quality. By leveraging our 30 years experience in the home improvement industry and our training, we will guide you through the process of the inspection to answer any concerns about the home you're looking at.